Download Libretube Apk Latest Version For Android 2023

Download Libretube app For android and iOS devices. Its Free Youtube app which provide free of content without any ads.

Youtube is one of the best video platform. You will enjoy every video like Music, Movies and shorts. But it contains of plenty of ads in this app. In the alternative of that you can Use this libretube App. Its free app you can enjoy every feature of Youtube without ads.

Nowadays we are blessed with the internet why because in the entertainment zone internet played a significant role. In the past decade, we did not have these facilities where we can watch movies or sports anywhere while at home, on a bus, car, train, or airplane. That too forward, backward, pause, and play options.

Download Libretube apk

Download Libretube App for Android


.apk files are for Android Devices

If you are facing an error saying App not installed, then please uninstall the previous version. Uninstalling previous version deletes all your data including your favorites, saved playlists, etc. So before uninstalling, make sure you take a backup.

V 0.19.0


This release fixes crashes when opening a video which are caused by YouTube A/B tests with a new date format, please don’t create any new issues about that!

  • feat: support for YouTube music artists as search filter
  • feat: zoomable preview of channel avatar and banner
  • feat: parse YouTube links in the search bar
  • feat: option to allow playback during call
  • feat: option to set a different default resolution when not in fullscreen
  • feat: option to autoplay videos in playlist
  • feat: option to set default playback speed manually

V 0.18.1


  • fix(player): allow pausing while loading
  • fix(player): rename SB Username to SB UserID
  • fix: crash when restoring backups
  • fix: crash when the app was closed for a while
  • fix: don't resume initial video on fragment recreation
  • fix: crash when view handler got destroyed
  • fix: default SponsorBlock categories are not being respected
  • fix: wrong channel group shown as selected

V 0.17.1


  • fix: crash when removing video from playlist
  • fix: download paused notification shown instead of completed
  • fix(import): prevent crash when importing
  • fix(import): correctly import playlist csv
  • fix: sort order of playlists isn't shown properly
  • fix: overflowing issue in sort order option in library
  • fix: restoring playback positions via notification controls

V 0.17.0


  • feat: support hardware/bluetooth keys for playback control
  • feat: Video chapters redesign
  • feat: Support for different audio track types
  • feat: seekbar preview for downloaded videos
  • feat: support for video meta info
  • feat: add 'Continue watching section to home tab
  • feat(queue): options to mark as (un)watched, and remove watched videos

V 0.16.1


  • Include playlist name in toast after succesfully adding video
  • fix: too many chapters highlighted in dialog, crash on selection
  • fix: disabled proxy when lbry stream available
  • fix: watch positions don't retain
  • fix: Restoring SponsorBlock preferences from backup
  • fix: Appearance of SponsorBlock preference on small screens
  • fix: hide SponsorBlock skip button in miniplayer

V 0.16.0


  • SponsorBlock color segments depending on what type they are
  • Add highlight from SponsorBlock to chapters
  • Ability to choose what SponsorBlock categories are skipped automatically
  • Add presets/shortcuts for playback speed/pitch
  • Notification action to stop download
  • Show time left when clicking player duration
  • Show the comment and reply count in the comments sheet
  • Preference to disable search suggestions
  • Chapters support in audio player
  • Refreshed playlist row design
  • Option to fall back to Piped proxy when Piped proxy disabled and video unreachable
  • Add support for videos count for playlist bookmarks
  • Chapters dialog: highlight current chapter and auto scroll to it
  • Improve appearance of chapter segments in video description
  • Make autoplay toggle in player global and remove autoplay preference
  • Welcome Activity: Add button to restore backup and skip instance selection

V 0.15.1


  • Welcome Activity to choose instance on first app startup
  • Significantly increase download speed using range requests
  • Support for editing the playlist description
  • Much faster audio only/background player with less buffering (using DASH)
  • Show currently applied playlist sort order
  • Preference to edit the home tab content
  • Show ‘mark as unwatched’ in video options sheet if already watched
  • Improve offline player appearance and behavior
  • Improve autoplay switch (show pause icon if disabled) by

V 0.15.0


  • Support for playlist descriptions
  • Support import/export for FreeTube subscriptions
  • Support FreeTube playlists import/export
  • Show file size in download dialog
  • Add feed filter for livestreams
  • Option to disable new video notifications for shorts videos
  • Convert subscription groups dialogs to bottom sheets
  • Navigate to channel when selected in channel groups dialog
  • Allow importing multiple playlists at once
  • Enter/Exit fullscreen gesture on whole screen if swipe gestures disabled
  • Add button to close audio player by

V 0.14.1


  • Display stream notification thumbnails
  • Ability to interact with player while viewing comments
  • Sort menu for local and private playlist
  • Improvement to links in description and comment texts
  • Remember the comments progress
  • Scroll to top button for comments
  • Unlimited search history preference
  • Automatically scroll to the currently playing video in the queue

v 0.14.0


  • Subscription groups
  • Audio/background player for downloads
  • Support sharing live links to LibreTube
  • Preference to not play videos automatically
  • In-built browser intent chooser
  • Update displayed chapter while scrubbing time bar
  • Separate swipe gestures and fullscreen gestures
  • Improve notification grouping for new streams.
  • Allow the app to being found as music player

v 0.13.1


  • Fix crash when closing mini player
  • Fix crash when watching geo-blocked video
  • Fix duplicated error messages during playlist actions
  • Close playlist rename dialog if name matched
  • Correct Kurdish (Central) native language name
  • Fix crash when logging into account

v 0.13.0


  • Audio mini player
  • Option to disable Piped proxy
  • Current time display within the seekbar preview
  • Option for auto fullscreen on shorts
  • Selectable comments text
  • Hide button to delete playlist and playlist videos

v 0.12.1


  • Stats for nerds dialog containing video info
  • Support for LBRY HLS
  • Autoplay Countdown when the video ended
  • Clickable comment timestamps
  • Display the video category in the description
  • Restore the orientation when leaving PiP

v 0.12.0


  • Multi-level comments and replies display
  • [Audio Player] Gesture controls on the video thumbnail
  • Preference to choose video codecs
  • Enter/Exit Fullscreen swipe gestures
  • Remember the last download selections
  • Option to mark videos as watched
  • Original comment as the first item in replies.
  • New Autoplay switch design
  • Option to disable watch positions in audio mode

v 0.11.1


  • Fix channel crashes.
  • Fix backup backwards compatibility
  • Fix unresponsiveness when opening watch history
  • Fix that clicking description links plays next video

v 0.11.0


  • New custom downloader
  • Picture in Picture: Forward and Rewind actions
  • Improved player notification
  • New audio player, when clicking the notification from background mode
  • New audio only mode, behaving similar to a music player
  • [Audio Mode] Share, playback, queue and open video controls
  • Option to convert queued videos in a playlist
  • Ability to skip silence when playing videos
  • Netflix-like animation for double tap to seek

v 0.10.0


  • Preview on SeekBar for videos
  • Option to hide watched videos from the feed
  • Splash screen animation for A12+
  • Playlist bookmarks in the library fragment
  • Play all and clear actions to the watch history
  • Clone Playlist action to the create playlist dialog
  • Bookmark option to playlist options bottom sheet
  • Shorts filter to the feed
  • Shuffle button for private playlists

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